App Packages

All of my projects use Flutter as its development platform. Developed by Google, Flutter code works for iOS apps, Android apps, and web apps too. This dramatically cuts down on the time necessary to code, and therefore SAVES YOU MONEY.

Android & iOS

You will need an account with Google Play and one with Apple to have your app published. I can help you set it up correctly, and help you put in keywords to get you ranked well in the App Store.


Web Apps

If your app is a useful tool for your clients (most good apps are) Flutter also makes it a breeze to put the app on your web site too!


Did you know that it was possible to train a chatbot to answer the everyday repetitive type of questions with YOUR answers! It also comes equipped with artificial intelligence. It’s like having the brain of Siri with a key difference; local, professional knowledge. Knowledge that gets better and better over time.


Next Steps…

Do you want to know how AI works with your chatbot app? Call and Find Out