Here are the most common questions businesses have about getting their own app.

What’s an app cost?

It really depends on the features you want to have and the amount of time it takes to program or “code” the app. To start off, it is usually better to start with a few features to make sure of your proof of concept works as planned. Simple is always the best way to go.

How are you able to keep the costs down?

It starts with choosing the best coding platform. The programming language I like to use is called Dart. Mobile apps in Dart are programmed using Flutter. Flutter was developed by Google. It works for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. I have found that coding apps with Flutter can be done for roughly half the cost and much faster since you only need to complete the code once. Flutter is open-sourced so it can be improved by any developer who wishes to use it.

What is a chatbot?

A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. More than that, chatbots can be trained to answer specific questions the way you would. Conversationally, chatbots improve over time. Thanks to artificial intelligence and in-depth programming (more info available).

How will my Chatbot be an improvement to my business?

Over time your Chatbot will be able to handle many of the repetitive types of questions that you get day in and day out. Your app will be able to handle some/most of the questions that arise when you are out of pocket. Let’s face it, with most businesses that are growing quickly, that happens more often than you would like to admit.

Why is it an app?

To keep it at your customer’s fingertips. Handling questions is one of the ways your customers remain loyal. If you have a good enough application it will continue to be a resource for your clients.

Is it for new customers or existing customers?

It’s more for existing clients, handling repetitive questions when you are unavailable or after hours. However, if it brings in new customers that’s great too. Ask about our Google Adwords strategies when it comes to apps and new business.

Couldn’t I achieve the same improvements hiring another person?

It would be more expensive and a chatbot is on the clock 24 hours a day. Try to think of it this way; hopefully your receptionist will see a reduction in the number of calls they take. Then the receptionist is freed up for other duties.

Do you offer other services?

Yes we do. Building apps, working on web apps, managing pay-per-click accounts, even managing databases.

How long does an app take to make?

It depends on how many features and customizations your app requires. A good estimate is 3-5 weeks. 

What is your service area?

I live in Linwood, New Jersey. The areas I will travel to include: Atlantic City, Absecon, Brigantine, Cape May, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway, Hamilton Township, Longport, Northfield, Margate, Ocean City, Pleasantville, Sea Isle City, Somers Point, Smithville, Ventnor, Vineland, Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. Other areas I will telecommute our meetings. There is never a charge for a consultation.