How I Approach App Development

I start the app development process by finding out as much as I can about your business. Then I study your internet presence (web site, Facebook, Instagram, Google reviews and anything else I find). I don’t stop until I have a good grasp of what your business does and what you would like to achieve. I then explain some of your options as far as features of your app.

My Background

In 2007, I began working for a start-up marketing company in Philadelphia called Yodle, selling Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Years later, Yodle added Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as Facebook marketing. I spent all my time talking with small business owners from around the country. Customers including Lawyers, Dentists, Chiropractors, Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC, Pest Control Professionals, even owners in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. After thousands of conversations, there were a few constant challenges that business owners still struggle with to this day. Answering the phone and the customer questions that came in during evenings, weekends, and holiday hours was the first challenge. The second was client loyalty. How do you answer a client’s question when they need it answered? How do you keep clients loyal? Artificial Intelligence gave me the answer.

Serving South Jersey

My family and I have lived in Linwood, New Jersey since 2005.

Chris Hodgens

Founder & CEO

My wife Mary and I live in Linwood with our two kids Savannah and Will. I have been a member of the Linwood Economic Development Committee since 2016. My son Will attends Seaview Elementary and Savannah is at Mainland High School. Mary is a Special Ed Teacher at Ocean City Middle School.

I work with small business owners including: Lawyers, Dentists, Contractors, HVAC Installers, Roofers, Pest Control Professionals, Chiropractors, and more…

Next Steps…

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