Q & A

Q: How much does an App cost?

A: Every Application is different. As an app developer I have to take several things into account. An example would be an iOS app or an Android app. Each one has it’s advantages, but is written in a special language and therefore is like purchasing a separate app. Prices start as low as $1000 and go up to $5000 for custom jobs. It all depends on how many hours of programming are needed.


Q: How long will it take to make an app?

A: There are two different styles you can choose for your app. A fully customized version, or a template version that has a few custom aspects. The template can be ready to submit to the App Store or Google Play in about two weeks. A custom app can take up to thirty days or more.


Q: What language will you use to develop the app?

A: I use the Swift language for iOS apps and Java for Android. They are both considered native languages.  Swift was released in 2014 and is the language developed by Apple itself.  You CAN develop with any number of third party providers. My experience is that the market is very fragmented with these solutions. One closes it’s doors, while two more open their doors and push a new, different solution.  You might get stuck with an out of date app that needs updating but you can’t find anyone to help you because now the language you used is obsolete. I like dealing with Swift because you know it’s not going anywhere and it is always going to work the best because it is Apple. You’re never going to be late to market with features either. Link to Apple’s Swift.


Q: What is App Store search marketing?

A: The practice of ranking highly in the search results in Apple’s App Store.  Recently, app developers began to pay for a better spot in the search results, similar to Google Adwords.  It is still relatively easy to rank organically for a locally relevant keyword though.  Paid search is not necessary when you are talking about local business in the App Store. Link to Apple’s App Store Search Marketing.


Q: What is a Custom Google Search Engine?

A: Tool made available by Google to allow a person to utilize specific websites to render a search result.


Q: Why should I want to use a Custom Google Search Engine?

A: Let me use an example: say you are a personal injury lawyer in Margate,  NJ.  You can set up this search engine on your website or app, to pull info from all the main definitions sites on the internet. As well as pulling from general information, etc. Also you use your own site (I suggest beefing up the content if you are going to do this though). When you include your own local information it will boost the performance of the search results because the users will be drawn to local content. As a result, you get two things from this: first your clients get an answer to their question, and since YOUR search engine is one of a kind, they will remember where they got the answer to their question and they will most likely share their new “source of information”.